Therapy Services

Behaviour Help is a NDIS Registered Provider for Therapeutic Support (Speech Pathology) and Behaviour Support services.

Behaviour Help is a registered NDIS provider.

Healthcare professional providing behaviour therapy

Behaviour Support Service

A behaviour support service involves working with the individual, their family and support team to develop developing a comprehensive and individualised positive behaviour support plan that focuses on addressing the needs of the individual and the underlying causes of behaviours of concern.

By utilising a person centered and strengths-based approach it aims to provide supports to enhance the quality of life for both the individual and those that support them.

Speech Pathology Service

Speech Pathology service involves firstly, assessing the individual’s current communication and social skills. Then collaborating with the individual, family and support team to provide a therapy plan and resources to develop the individual’s communication and social skills.

Strategies specific to the various of settings (e.g. family home, school, residential accommodation, employment, day centre and community) the individual participates in will also be provided.

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