Books about Behaviour

We have a great range of book series: A to Z Challenging Behaviours; Positive Behaviour Support series, Emotional Regulation and Cyberbullying. These books provide practical tools and strategies to help transform the lives of the individuals you support. 

Specialist Behaviour Support Services and Speech Pathology

Young student teacher reading Dolly Bhargava's behaviour help book

A to Z Challenging Behaviour Book Series

This A-Z book challenging behaviour series looks at addressing the different types of challenging behaviours through the lens of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS).

Use the practical tools (forms, checklists and strategies) provided to develop Positive Behaviour Support plans that can be used to support children of all ages consistently in all contexts. These resources are useful for parents, educators in childcare, early childhood, primary and secondary schools, disability, mental health, allied health and supervisory professionals.

Emotional Regulation Book Series

Being able to recognize ones emotions, and express those emotions in an appropriate manner is what Taking Charge of My Rainbow Emotions offers to readers by means of catering to each individual's particular needs, abilities and learning style.

Cyberbullying Book Series

Technology has resulted in exciting new ways for students to communicate, learn, socialise, stay informed, entertain and foster creativity, it also has a dark side. Technology has given rise to endless new ways bullies can threaten, harass, abuse and insult others. This type of bullying is called cyberbullying, Cyber bullying has the potential to reach a wider audience than typical schoolyard bullying.




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