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Teaching Emotional Regulation Skills Step by Step

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Based on the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy approach the Rainbow of Emotions App: Teaching Emotional Regulation Skills Step by Step helps the individual (child, adolescent or adult) identify, express and manage their emotions in a healthy, safe, and socially acceptable way. This customisable web-based app can be use on a PC, laptop, tablet or phone.

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Download the Rainbow of Emotions App User Guide (PDF)

How does it work?

As a team of caregivers, educators, support staff and professionals, you can work with the individual to customise the app so that it reflects the unique needs, abilities and preferences of the individual.

The app guides the individual to use the two components: Rainbow of Emotions and CHARGE Toolkit systematically so that they can practice and learn the steps involved in emotional regulation, which allows them to identify, express and manage their emotions effectively in everyday situations.

To learn more about how to provide emotional coaching to the individual you can refer to Bhargava, D. (2013). Taking CHARGE of my Rainbow of Emotions. Shawnee Mission, KS: Autism Asperger Publishing. 

Component 1 - Rainbow of Emotions


A rainbow is an arch made up of different coloured parallel lines that forms in the sky in special circumstances. Residing within each one of us is our very own Rainbow of Emotions, where each colour of the rainbow represents a different emotion. In the Rainbow of Emotions app you can set up two types of rainbows: one rainbow to represent physical emotions such as hungry, thirsty, tired or pain and another rainbow to represent negative emotions such as angry, worried, sad or jealous.

For each rainbow, the app helps the individual discover and design their own rainbow of emotions. You can choose the colour, picture, sound and name for each line in the rainbow to identify and express their emotions.

Component 2 – CHARGE toolkit


The CHARGE tool KIT aims to give the individual the power to choose alternative ways to manage their emotions appropriately. The letters in the acronym CHARGE stands for the different categories of emotional management tools:

  • Chat tools
  • Helpful thinking tools
  • Amusement tools
  • Relaxation tools
  • Good routine tools
  • Exercise tools 

As a team you can work with the individual to personalise the CHARGE toolkit by including tools the individual already uses and find work for them, and adding select tools from the library provided in the app. The colour, picture, sound and name can be customised for each tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use NDIS funding to purchase the Rainbow of Emotions Web Based App?

Yes it can be purchased by using the codes for NDIA Assistive Technology & Consumables, Behaviour Support and Therapeutic Support resources.

Who can use the Rainbow of Emotions web-based app?

The Rainbow of Emotions web-based app is a valuable tool for parents, educators, mental health professionals, allied health professionals and disability support staff.  The app can be used at home, early intervention centres, clinics, childcare centres, preschools, primary/secondary schools, disability services, child and youth services … anyone supporting individuals with emotional and behavioural difficulties.

What approach is the Rainbow of Emotions App based on?

The Rainbow of Emotions App is based on the evidenced based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) approach. CBT is a form of psychological therapy that helps the individual build a set of skills to take CHARGE of one’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviours to achieve symptom reduction, improvement in functioning and overall quality of life.

What is unique about the Rainbow of Emotions web-based app?

The Rainbow of Emotions App allows you to design the two components (Rainbow of Emotions and CHARGE Toolkit) to be as personalised as possible to your individual. This is to ensure that the app is set up to match your individual's skills, which will help increase your individual's connection, motivation and sense of success when using the app.

The app in its history section will record each time the individual uses it (i.e. identifies an emotion, selects a tool, and documents if it helped address the emotion). This information is stored in the app history, allowing you to filter and sort the user history table by any column by clicking the title of the column to sort by emotion, rating, date, time, tool category and outcome. You can then print selected history within a date range or save as a pdf that can be shared with the individual's support team.

How many individuals can I use the Rainbow of Emotions web-based app with?

Depending on the plan you purchase you can have as many users as you wish.

What devices can the Rainbow of Emotions web-based app be used on?

Rainbow of Emotions is a web-based app that can be used on your Mac or PC, or on an Android, Apple or Windows tablet and phone.

Download the Rainbow of Emotions App User Guide (PDF)