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Mission Statement

At Behaviour Help our passion is to equip parents, childcare, teachers and disability staff with positive practical behaviour strategies to help children with emotional and behavioural difficulties of all ages learn positive ways of behaving and managing their emotions to reach their fullest potential.

Who is this for?

For Parents

Educate you to better understand your child’s emotional and behavioural needs.





For Educators

EMPOWER you to collaborate with your student’s parents, support staff and professionals to help your student learn positive ways of behaving and managing their emotions.

For Health & Disability Professionals

ENABLE key people and support staff to work in a unified manner with the individual on this unique transformative journey.

Types of EBD

An individual may exhibit emotional and behavioural difficulties that can be categorised into one or more of the following conditions:

What we Do


Events & Workshops

Practical, interactive and customised workshops, for parents, educators, disability support staff, coordinators, case managers and health professionals. 

1 on 1 Coaching

Customised coaching & training to suit your specific behavioural problems, situation and needs, as a once off session or over 6 -12 weeks.

Online Courses

Online Self Paced Courses for Parents, Educators, Disability Support Staff, Youth Workers & Health Professionals to equip you with practical strategies.

Web Based App

Using the evidence-based approach of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS), our web-based app allows users to put together a comprehensive individual behaviour support plan


Buy paperback or kindle versions of Behaviour Help books. Includes teacher guides, student guides, facilitators guides and support strategies. Postage is available Globally. 

Free Resources

These free downloadable booklets have been written for parents, foster carers, childcare professionals, educators and disability support staff who support children with a range of disabilities.

A Word

About Me

With a Bachelor of Applied Science in Speech Pathology from the University of Sydney and a Master of Special Education from the University of Newcastle, Dolly Bhargava has applied her expansive skillset to help individuals of all ages in a wide range of settings in a career supporting individuals with disabilities spanning 20 years. She has applied her expertise as a speech pathologist for a number of support agencies including the Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care NSW, the Royal Institute for the Deaf and Blind Children of NSW, the Alzheimer’s Association of Western Australia and the Autism Association of Western Australia, and provides behaviour support and therapeutic support services through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

– Dolly Bhargava


What Clients are Saying

A very informative workshop. It was able to confirm strategies that I have put in place and inspiring ideas that I can use in my classroom to give greater choices and more communication opportunities to my students.



Dolly’s workshop gave me a better understanding of how as Youth Support Workers we can better support a young person in being able to regulate their emotions. Dolly made sure that each subject we spoke about was relatable to all participants. Our Team benefited a lot from what she taught us and we have been able to implement some of her Tips and Tools into our youth service practice.

Jess King

Youth Support Worker

Dolly is exceptionally knowledgeable and has a relaxing aura about her which extends outwards to all her participants.


Youth Worker

Free Downloadable Resources

These free downloadable booklets have been written for parents, child care professionals, educators youth and health professionals supporting children of all ages with a range of disabilities.

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