Behaviour Coaching

For families, educators and professionals. Whatever the situation with your child is right now, Behaviour Help is at hand.

Behaviour Help is a registered NDIS provider.

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About Behaviour Coaching

Your Behaviour Help coach will collaborate with you and/or your team to dive deeper into the challenges that are currently being faced. Your coach will work with you to explore the potential causes of the behaviours of concern. Based on this understanding you will collaborate with the coach to put together a roadmap that empowers everyone with the tools, ideas and strategies that can be put to immediate use to help your child learn positive ways of behaving and managing their emotions.

Behaviour Help coaching is suitable for parents, childcare, educators and disability staff.

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Behaviour Coaching for families

Having a child with persistent emotional and behavioural difficulties can sometimes feel like being on a roller coaster. Everyday activities like sleeping, eating, getting ready for school, going to the shop or playing with siblings can be filled with unforeseen obstacles for our child.

To you and me, these obstacles may seem insignificant; however, our child can find them incredibly difficult to navigate.

In response to the stress these obstacles cause, our child may act out in ways such as screaming, tantrums, aggression or refusal to follow instructions – behaviours that can be difficult for us to manage and have negative impacts on themselves, ourselves, and others.

Whatever your situation with your child is right now, Behaviour Help is at hand.

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Behaviour Coaching for educators

When one child begins to present challenging behaviours in a classroom, the climate of the classroom can change dramatically.

Behavioural strategies that work for most children do not always work for children with complex emotional and behaviour difficulties. Consequently, a considerable amount of time and energy can be spent on the child with the challenging behaviours, drawing valuable time away from the other children in the classroom.

Whatever your situation is right now, Behaviour Help is at hand.

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Behaviour Coaching for Health & Disability Professionals

Research has consistently reported support staff feeling poorly equipped to deal with challenging behaviours, often pointing to their lack of experience, training and assistance in establishing positive environments.

Not only does this negatively impact the individual who is being supported, but also causes work-related stress for support staff, ultimately affecting their wellbeing.

As a professional if you are looking for the opportunity to discuss how to better assist a client, enable key people and support staff to work in a unified manner or receive training on particular topics for your team then, Behaviour Help is at hand.

healthcare professional working with a child suffering from Autism

Behaviour Coaching Packages

We provide coaching by the hour in three packages.

1 hour consultation

Ideal if you are seeking a plan for a particular issue that is causing significant concern.

6 week programme

Ideal if you are seeking a customised plan in supporting individuals exhibiting a number of behaviours of concern. 6x 1-hour sessions.

12 week programme

Ideal if you are supporting individuals with complex emotional & behavioural difficulties who are exhibiting a number of behaviours of concern. 12x 1-hour sessions.

What's included 1 Hour 6 Week 12 Week
Initial intake questionnaire and call.
Guidance through the Assess-Manage-Prevent Process
Development of Action Plan
Mapping & prioritsing behaviours of concern
Monitoring and reviewing action plan
Training you and others on the individual’s needs and behaviour support plan

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Meet your behaviour coach

Dolly Bhargava has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Speech Pathology and a Master of Special Education.

Over the 20 years she has found her passion for supporting individuals with emotional and behavioural difficulties (EBD). She has created this online course to equip people who support individuals with EBD to develop knowledge, skills and tools to transform the lives of the individuals they support.

If you have any questions about the course or would simply like to get in touch, please do contact using this form or my contact details below. I look forward to hearing from you.