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Web-based apps to help children, parents, educators and professionals manage behaviour and emotional regulation.

Specialist Behaviour Support Services and Speech Pathology

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Our mission is to equip parents, educators and professionals with positive behavioural intervention and supports  to help children with emotional and behavioural difficulties, by offering the best range of online materials and resources. Our PBIS apps will provide you with evidence-based strategies to support children's specific emotional and behavioural difficulties.


Rainbow of Emotions App

Based on the evidence-based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) approach the Rainbow of Emotions book and app guides the individual to identify and express their emotion in appropriate ways. Then the individual is guided to use emotional management tool/s from the CHARGE tool kit to manage their emotions in a healthy way.

The acronym CHARGE stands for the different categories of emotional management tools – Chat tools, Helpful thinking tools, Amusement tools, Relaxation tools, Good routine tools and Exercise tools.

Rainbow of Emotions App


Behaviour Help App


Behaviour Help App - Using the evidence-based approach of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS), the Behaviour Help web-based app allows people supporting individuals with emotional and behavioural difficulties to complete a Functional Behaviour Analysis.   

By understanding the cause or ‘function’ of problem behaviour, increase appropriate skills, reduce behaviour which challenges, and teach your children to learn positive ways of behaving and managing emotions. 

The app will help you put together a personalised and customised comprehensive Behaviour Support Plan (BSP). The BSP can then be used by everyone interacting with the individual to manage and prevent challenging behaviours and ultimately improve their lives, and the lives of those who support them.

Behaviour Help App

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Challenging behaviour can be addressed with the right strategies for each child as an individual; our role is to help you gain much information about each behaviour and use result-driven solutions to help children with emotional and behavioural difficulties.




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