Taking CHARGE of My Rainbow of Emotions: Facilitator’s Guide and Workbook

Being able to recognize ones emotions, and express those emotions in an appropriate manner is what Taking CHARGE of My Rainbow Emotions offers to readers by means of catering to each individual s particular needs, abilities and learning style.

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This book showcases the variety of human emotions in a colorful, resourceful way by representing them as they relate to emotional management. Students with emotional management problems do not have the skills or knowledge to deal with the triggers and manage their emotions in an acceptable and constructive way.

This comprehensive plan for parents, teachers, counselors, or health care personnel coaches students on how to become effective emotional managers. The three key emotional management abilities focused on in this workbook are: identifying one s emotions, recognition of having an emotion, and most important, what tools to use to manage emotions.

Taking Charge of My Rainbow Emotions also offers readers with an emotional profile that enables them to gain valuable insight on a student s emotional management skills. This guide suggests sections at which to start coaching to strengthen the student s emotional management skills ranging from beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Adapting to skills according to society s expectations is a lifelong process. Emotions can interfere with all aspects of life and often keep us from enjoying the activities and hobbies we like. It is critical that as parents, educators, therapists and caregivers, we teach, encourage, and guide students on their emotional management journey.