Taking CHARGE of My Rainbow of Emotions: Teaching Emotion Regulation Step by Step Workbook

Starting with checklists for assessing one’s emotions, this innovative resource goes on to provide a framework for helping children develop emotion regulation skills. Lots of forms and visuals make this a practical and ready-to-use workbook.

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Taking CHARGE of My Rainbow of Emotions: Teaching Emotion Regulation Step-by-Step Workbook is an innovative resource providing a framework for giving children and parents the tools they need to help regulate their emotions. Successful regulation of emotions is essential for being able to positively engage in life tasks such as learning, forming relationships, solving everyday problems, and adapting to the complex demands of growth and development.

Knowing how to regulate emotions successfully is not a matter of luck. Regulating emotions is a skill that is learnt. When people do not learn this critical skill, they do not know how to identify, express, and cope with their emotions. This in turn can make them feel overwhelmed, out of control, frustrated, confused, uncertain, and anxious. These feelings manifest through behaviours of concern.

Children’s brains are still developing, including the prefrontal cortex which helps with emotional regulation.  The good news is that we can help their brains to grow and develop healthily.  We can do this by teaching our children how to regulate their emotions and guide them on how to consistently use strategies in various situations.

This workbook is used to guide the child step-by-step. First, they design their own unique Rainbow of Emotions to help them learn how to identify and express their emotions. Second, they create an individualized CHARGE toolkit that matches their personality, abilities, and preferences. Third, the workbook guides them on how to practice using the tools to regulate their emotions in challenging situations at home, school, and community.

Various forms and visuals make this a ready-to-use guide for parents, caregivers, childcare educators, primary and secondary educators, supervisory professionals, allied health workers and mental health professionals who intend to coach a child, adolescent, or an adult.

This workbook is useful for all children who struggle with their emotions.  It may be particularly beneficial for children who are neuro-divergent, have intellectual or learning disabilities, have speech and language difficulties, conduct difficulties and mental health difficulties, including anxiety, low mood and trauma.

This workbook can be used as a standalone resource and/or in conjunction with the Rainbow of Emotions App: Teaching Emotion Regulation Skills Step-by-Step (www.rainbowofemotions.app)

Ultimately, this workbook aims to educate/enable/empower children to Take CHARGE of their Rainbow of Emotions. And that is a wonderful gift every child deserves!