Being Cyber Safe and Cyber Smart – Student Workbook

This workbook educates primary students (year 3 onwards) about the threat of cyber bullying. Introduce your students to the digitally connected world that awaits, while helping them understand and deal with the dangers lurking in the online space.

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This workbook is useful for primary and neurodivergent students. It contains lessons and activities that will help your student learn how to recognise cyber bullying on the various forms of technologies. Some of the technologies discussed include:

  • Mobile phones -Instant messaging
  • Chat rooms – Email
  • Webcams – Social media
  • Gaming sites – Virtual learning sites and cyber bullying
  • Video hosting sites

Students will learn what they should do if they encounter cyber bullying on these various types of technology and ways to prevent cyber bullying from occurring.

Learning how to be cyber safe and cyber smart is a critical life skill for our students to learn.