S for Separation Anxiety: Positive Behaviour Support

Whether it’s the first day of childcare, preschool, kindergarten, school or even going back to school after a long break, being left with a new babysitter or going on a playdate it’s natural for children and teenagers to experience some degree of fear, worry and unease as they need to transition to another environment with different activities and people. For most children the fear, worry and unease fades away after a few days or a couple of weeks and they manage to settle into the new environments smoothly. However, for others the separation anxiety that accompanies the transition persists consistently for four weeks or longer.

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Separation anxiety affects everyone involved and the child who has separation anxiety requires necessary help to learn positive ways of behaving and managing their emotions.

While childcare, preschool, kindergarten, or school cannot address all the factors that contribute to the separation anxiety outside of their environment, they can play an important role in addressing some of the factors that may contribute to the separation anxiety.

Based on the evidence-based approach of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS), S for Separation Anxiety is a step-by-step guide that will help you develop a comprehensive PBS plan for childcare, preschool, kindergarten or school setting step-by-step:

  • ASSESS: How to identify the reasons contributing to separation anxiety,

  • MANAGE: How to respond when the child has difficulty separating, and

  • PREVENT: How to address any setting relating triggers that could be further contributing to the separation anxiety.

Use the practical tools (checklists, forms and strategies) provided to develop comprehensive PBS plans that can be used to support children of all ages consistently in all settings. This invaluable resource is useful for parents, caregivers, educators in childcare, early childhood, primary and secondary schools, disability, mental health, allied health and supervisory professionals.

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