S for School Refusal Behaviour: Positive Behaviour Support

School Refusal Behaviour (SRB), is when a child or adolescent does not want to go to school – they are either reluctant to go at all or find it hard to stay in class for the whole day, on an ongoing basis.

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S for School Refusal Behaviour (SRB) recognises this as a complex behaviour with multiple factors contributing to its development and persistence. In the school context it is not possible to control all the factors that contribute to the SRB outside of the school context. However, school-related factors that contribute to the SRB can be addressed.

Based on the evidence-based approach of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS), S for School Refusal Behaviour is a step-by-step guide that will help you develop a re-entry plan that outlines what the child’s initial return to school looks like and the steps and strategies that can be used to gradually progress the child’s school attendance to part-time or full-time on an ongoing basis.

Use the practical tools (checklists, forms and strategies) provided to develop comprehensive PBS plans that can be used to support children of all ages consistently in all contexts. This invaluable resource is useful for parents, caregivers, educators in childcare, early childhood, primary and secondary schools, disability, youth and mental health support services, allied health and supervisory professionals.

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