Practical tools to improve a child’s emotional regulation and achieve better communication, social, emotional, behavioural and learning outcomes.

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Course book  Taking CHARGE of my Rainbow of Emotions           


5 hours of professional development Accredited by TQI and NESA

About this course

While most children develop emotional regulation skills as they grow up, some children have consistent difficulty with identifying, expressing and managing their emotions in healthy ways. Consequently, they may exhibit challenging behaviours when faced with difficult situations which can put them and those around them at risk.  

Guiding the Development of Emotional Regulation Skills is an online, self-paced course that will equip you with practical tools to improve a child’s emotional regulation. Using a Rainbow of Emotions and CHARGE toolbelt, you’ll be able to coach a child step by step to help them learn strategies to cope, manage and respond to a difficult experience in a healthy manner.

At the end of this course you will have:

  • Knowledge to develop an Emotional Profile for a child with difficulty regulating their emotions
  • A toolkit of practical strategies to guide children in learning to regulate their emotions
  • Lifetime access to free Behaviour Help resources
  • A certificate of participation for 5 hours of professional development

This course is accredited by the Teacher Quality Institute of ACT and NSW Education Standards Authority.  

What You’ll Learn

This online, self-paced course is divided into two modules.

Module 1 – Introduction to Emotional Regulation and Coaching
  • Emotional Regulation Defined
  • Emotional Dysregulation Defined
  • Emotional Dysregulation Consequences
  • Emotional Coaching Defined
Module 2 – Emotional Coaching Framework
  • Section 1 – Emotional Profile to identify if your child is at the beginner, intermediate or advanced stage of emotional literacy
  • Section 2 – Get Ready by helping your child to have an understanding of their importance and the role they play in our life 
  • Section 3 – Get Set by developing the emotional regulation tools
  • Section 4 – Get Going by teaching your child how to use the tools

How to enrol and receive your resources

Teachable – Click on START THIS COURSE to begin the course through Teachable, where you’ll be required to pay the course fee of $165 via credit card. If you would prefer an invoice or have multiple participants please email

Once enrolled, you will receive a Welcome email with the following:

Postal Address request so that the physical copy of the coursebook Taking CHARGE of my Rainbow of Emotions. If you are in Australia the book will be posted via Australia Post. If you are outisde of Australia the book will be posted via Amazon. 

Course tasks to complete and send via email to

Suitable for:

  • Parents and caregivers
  • Childcare workers
  • Primary and secondary teachers
  • Teachers Assistants
  • Disability staff
  • Youth and community staff
  • Allied Health Professionals

Lifetime access to specifically designed resources

Taking CHARGE of my Rainbow of Emotions course book

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Dolly Bhargava

Dolly Bhargava has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Speech Pathology and a Master of Special Education, Over the 20 years she has found  her passion for supporting individuals with emotional and behavioural difficulties (EBD). She has created this online course to equip people who support individuals with EBD to develop knowledge, skills and tools to transform the lives of the individuals they support. 

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