Strategies for Managing Anxiety

Follow these 10 simple steps to managing anxiety. Use the guide yourself or work through the steps with someone you are with.

A simple guide to managing anxiety in 10 easy to follow steps

1. Take a Deep Breath

Practice deep, slow breathing to help calm your nervous system.


2. Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Tense and then release each muscle group to promote relaxation.


3. Mindfulness and Meditation

These techniques can help you stay present and reduce anxious thoughts.


4. Exercise

Physical activity can release endorphins and help reduce stress.


5. Healthy Lifestyle

Prioritise good sleep, balanced diet and hydration to support your overall well-being.


6. Limit Stimulants

Reduce caffeine and nicotine intake, as they can exacerbate anxiety.


7. Positive Self Talk

Challenge negative thoughts and replace them with more rational and positive ones.x 


8. Social Support

Connect with friends, family or support groups to share your feelings and receive encouragement.


9. Limit Media Exposure

Take breaks from distressing news or social media that may trigger anxiety.


10. Seek Professional Help

If your anxiety is overwhelming, consider speaking to a therapist or counselor.



Remember that everyone is different, so finding the strategies that work best for you might involve some trial and error. If your anxiety persists or worsens, consider reaching out to a mental health professional for personalised guidance.

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