Support for Professionals, Behaviour Support in Healthcare

Educate-Empower-Enable you to support the individual, key people and support staff to develop emotional and behavioural skills.

Specialist Behaviour Support Services and Speech Pathology

Professional working with child

How we help professionals?

We provide resources and services to a range of professionals working with children, adolescents and adults with emotional and behavioural difficulties. They include:

  • Mental health professionals (e.g. psychiatrists, neuropsychologists, psychologists, counsellors and mental health nurses).
  • Allied health professionals (e.g. speech pathologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and social workers).
  • Supervisory professionals (e.g. managers, team learners, supervisors, coordinators, consultants and other professionals in leadership positions).
  • Disability staff and other professionals.

Whether the individual has a diagnosis such as ADHD, Conduct Disorder or does not have a diagnosis, we provide a range of services and resources that contain practical ideas, strategies and suggestions for the assessment, escalation profiling, management and prevention of emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Our time saving resources will help you develop behaviour support plans; teach social, behaviour, communication and emotional skills and train everyone involved in the care of an individual to support them in consistent ways.

Which resources are right for you?


The Behaviour Help App can be used to complete Functional Behaviour Assessments, provide support staff a means to record and behavioural incidents. Also, to develop a behaviour support plan by completing an escalation profile, management and prevention plan. The Rainbow of Emotions App can be used to help the individual learn how to identify, express and regulate their emotions.


If you want to learn more about emotional and behavioural difficulties then we have a great range of books you can read on your Kindle or order from Amazon and a variety of free resources available on this website.


Personalised and practical one to one help tailored specifically to your unique situation.

Online Courses

Help children of all ages develop social, emotional, behaviour and communication skills online with these interactive video guides.


Personalised and practical behaviour therapy tailored specifically to your family.


Access these pre-recorded webinars anytime online to learn about a range of diagnoses and learn practical skills and strategies to help develop the individual’s emotions, behaviours, social and communication skills.


Attend our practical and interactive workshops to learn about a range of diagnoses, practical skills and strategies to help develop the individual’s emotions, behaviours, social and communication skills.

Attending Dolly’s course on ‘developing emotional regulation skills in children and adolescents with anxious, oppositional and aggressive behaviours’ has helped me to gain understanding in certain behaviours and skills to take into my role as a youth worker.

Dolly’s catchy acronyms have stuck in my brain and I find them very useful in certain situations. Dolly presents her course in a way that is easy to understand, Thank you Dolly.

Tayla, (Youth Worker)

I am an occupational therapist providing therapy to young people from complex backgrounds. I found these webinars very useful. They helped me learn practical strategies that I can use in my sessions to build supportive relationships and motivate them to take part in activities.

I have been implanting the strategies that I have learnt in these webinars. It has been very rewarding to see the youths come out of their shells and start communicating with me and experiencing success during the sessions. Thank you.

Danny (Occupational Therapist)

I am a social worker and am working with a number of foster carers who are supporting children who have Reactive Attachment Disorder and other diagnoses.

Dolly is a very useful resource for our carers and the feedback from the carers of the coaching sessions are extremely positive.

Deb (Social Worker)

Ask Dolly

Since you’re here, you probably have questions and concerns. I am Dolly Bhargava, am here to help. I am a NDIS registered behaviour support practitioner and speech pathologist.

I have worked in a number of settings for over 21 years so, how can I help?

Please tell me what is worrying you right now and I will do my best to recommend resources and/or services that will be most useful to you in your situation.