Behaviour Support for Parents

Educate-Empower-Enable you to better understand and respond to your child’s emotional and behavioural needs.

Specialist Behaviour Support Services and Speech Pathology

Parents pushing child on swings

Why do some children misbehave?

Even though we try our best to smooth every bump on life's road, we can’t protect our children from problems and difficulties. Nor do we want to. These challenges are good learning opportunities that help our children develop key skills for managing and controlling their behaviour.

When faced with a stress provoking situation, as part of development, many children go through a stage of exhibiting challenging behaviours. They may bite, kick, swear, steal or be defiant. As children mature, they develop appropriate ways of communicating their needs, interacting with others, problem-solving, coping with their emotions and controlling their behaviours, which helps them outgrow these behaviours of concern.

However, some children do not develop these skills which causes these challenging behaviours to persist. Our children are depending on us to help them by working out the underlying reasons for the challenging behaviour and addressing them. Whether your child has a diagnosis such as Autism Spectrum Disorder or does not have a diagnosis we need to provide direct, explicit and systematic teaching to help our child gradually learn positive ways of behaving and managing their emotions.

How we help parents

Children behaving in challenging ways at home puts a huge strain on family life; parents, siblings, and extended family members. Dealing with your child’s challenging behaviours both inside and outside the home constantly can affect your psychological, physical, and emotional wellbeing. You may even start to question your parenting skills. You may feel stuck because you are repeating the same patterns and don’t know how to break them.

Behaviour Help can help break the cycle. It is never too late to change. Our resources and services are based on the evidenced based Positive Behaviour Support approach. They will educate, equip and enable you with the tools that you can use to create change. With your persistence, patience and perseverance and above all, love you can make a positive difference with a structured approach and achieve harmony at home.

We are a registered NDIS provider so that means you can use your NDIS funding to pay for our services and resources.

Which resources are right for you?


The Behaviour Help App can be used to record any behavioural incidents to share with the behaviour support team. The Rainbow of Emotions App can be used by your child to learn how to identify, express and regulate their emotions.


If you want to learn more about emotional and behavioural difficulties then we have a great range of books you can read on your Kindle or order from Amazon.


Personalised and practical one to one help tailored specifically to your family.

Online Courses

Access these online courses anytime online to learn about a range of diagnoses, practical skills and strategies to help develop the individual’s emotional regulation skills. Also learn to utilise the positive behaviour support framework to address anxiety, aggression, ADHD, ASD and ODD.

SEL Educational Videos

Minimise or eliminate the occurrence of challenging behaviours by teaching children of all ages appropriate ways of communicating, interacting, managing their emotions and behaviours.

The SEL curriculum uses video modelling to provide direct, explicit and systematic teaching of the various skills by discussing the importance of the skill, modelling the skill so the child learns what the skill looks like? sounds like? feels like? and learn the skill in staged situations that simulate real life scenarios.


Personalised and practical behaviour therapy tailored specifically to your family.


Access these pre-recorded webinars anytime online to better understand your child’s needs. Learn practical skills and strategies to help your child and achieve harmony at home.


Attend our practical and interactive workshops to better understand your child’s needs and learn practical skills and strategies to help your child and achieve harmony at home.

I am a mum with a little man who has special needs and challenges. At times we were at wits end thinking we were imagining our boy's issues and so unsure how to take one step closer to understand what was happening within his thoughts. We didn’t feel alone when working with Dolly and felt very supported. From one happy mum thank you Dolly for everything.

Claire (Mum)

The recommendations from Dolly and her Behaviour Help resources helped us immensely at home and socially.

Our foster son was able to participate and be included in the sporting community, enjoy family holidays and social gatherings with a lot more success.

Diane (Carer)

Thank you a mil. I have opened my eyes to many new strategies and importantly become calm to be with my son, to understand him and the reasons why he behaves the way he does.

Once again thank you very much for your guidance.

Andy (Dad)

Ask Dolly

Since you’re here, you probably have questions and concerns. I am Dolly Bhargava, am here to help. I am a NDIS registered behaviour support practitioner and speech pathologist.

I have worked in a number of settings for over 21 years so, how can I help?

Please tell me what is worrying you right now and I will do my best to recommend resources and/or services that will be most useful to you in your situation.