Support for Educators in Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Schools and Adult Educational Settings

Educate-Empower-Enable you to teach your student learn positive ways of behaving and managing their emotions.

NDIS Registered Specialist Behaviour Support Practitioner and Speech Pathologist

Teacher working with children in the classroom

How we help educators with behaviour support

Behaviour Help recognises that teaching is a demanding enterprise. Today’s learning environments, whether it be childcare, kindergarten, primary or secondary classrooms are becoming increasingly diverse. Students have different cultural backgrounds, linguistic backgrounds, learning needs, and social, emotional and behavioural needs.

Teaching students who exhibit emotional and behavioural difficulties can be yet more demanding. When one student misbehaves, the climate of the learning environment can change dramatically. Often, a considerable amount of time and energy can be spent with the disruptive student. This has a deleterious effect on the quality of the educational experience for all students.

Research consistently shows that managing student behaviour is linked to educators experiencing high levels of stress, burnout and job dissatisfaction.

While there is a wealth of information available about behaviour management, it can be daunting knowing where and how to start. Identifying ways to address the needs of students with emotional and behavioural difficulties is the focus of Behaviour Help. We provide structured support and training in positive behaviour support to learn more about behaviour management and apply those skills in the your learning evironment whether it be in the classrooms and/or play areas.

Which resources are right for you?


The Behaviour Help App can be used to complete Functional Behaviour Assessments, record behavioural incidents and to develop a behaviour support plan by completing an escalation profile, management and prevention plan. The Rainbow of Emotions App can be used to help students learn how to identify, express and regulate their emotions.


If you want to read more and learn more about emotional and behavioural difficulties then we have a great range of books you can read on your Kindle or order from Amazon and a variety of free resources available on this website.


Collaborate with you and/or the teaching team to dive deeper into the challenges that are currently being faced. We will help you develop a step-by-step plan that empowers everyone with the tools, ideas and strategies that can be put to immediate use.

Online Courses

Access these online courses anytime online to learn about a range of diagnoses, practical skills and strategies to help develop the individual’s emotional regulation skills. Also learn to utilise the positive behaviour support framework to address anxiety, aggression, ADHD, ASD and ODD.

SEL Educational Videos

Help students develop social, emotional, behaviour and communication skills online with interactive video learning.


Personalised and practical behaviour therapy tailored specifically to your family.


Access these pre-recorded webinars anytime online to learn about a range of diagnoses, practical skills and strategies to help develop the individual’s emotions, behaviours, social and communication skills in your learning environment.


Attend our practical and interactive workshops to learn about a range of diagnoses, practical skills and strategies to help develop the individual’s emotions, behaviours, social and communication skills in your learning environment.

A very informative workshop. It was able to confirm strategies that I have put in place and inspiring ideas that I can use in my classroom to give greater choices and more communication opportunities to my students.

Andrew (Teacher)

Thankyou for coming to our kindergarten. We all gained the skills on how to analyse what might be underlying their behaviours of concern. We all learn best practice methods to prevent and manage their behaviours.

Anna (Kindergarten Teacher)

As teachers, we are aware of the challenges that young people face in their everyday lives. We know that children can not reach their full potential if their basic needs are not met. However, we do not always know which of our students are living in environments that damage, rather than foster healthy physical or mental health.

Statistics are telling us that too many young people are coming to school hungry or hurt. The classroom must be a haven for all students.

A place where they feel valued, supported and authentically cared for. Thank you for your online courses. Its helped me learn how to create and foster an environment so that students are free to grow, both academically and socially.

Leslie (Secondary school teacher)

Ask Dolly

Since you’re here, you probably have questions and concerns. I am Dolly Bhargava, am here to help. I am a NDIS registered behaviour support practitioner and speech pathologist.

I have worked in a number of early childhood centres, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, special schools and TAFE colleges.

Please tell me what is worrying you right now and I will do my best to recommend resources and/or services that will be most useful to you in your situation.