About Dolly Bhargava

About Me

Dolly Bhargava completed a Bachleor of Applied Science in Speech Pathology from the University of Sydney and a Master of Special Education from the University of Newcastle.  Upon graduation she began her career working at a number of support agencies as a speech pathologist including the Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care NSW, the Royal Institute for the Deaf and Blind Children of NSW, the Alzheimer’s Association of Western Australia and the Autism Association of Western Australia.   Dolly was also privileged to be mentored by Ylana Bloom (Autism Central – Speech Pathologist) for a number of years. Ylana Bloom and Dolly Bhargava co-authored a number of books that were based on Ylana Bloom’s invaluable insights and extensive experience of working with individuals with disabilities.

Midway through her career she realised her passion was in supporting children, adolescents and adults with emotional and behavioural difficulties (EBD).  She enjoys working with parents, childcare staff, teachers, youth and disability staff to work out positive practical solutions to address challenging behaviours.

She works in a variety of settings such as family homes, childcare centres, schools, respite care, post school options, employment services and corrective services.

Dolly gets to see firsthand how difficult it can be for those who support individuals with EBD.  Despite putting in every effort and trying their hardest to support people they care deeply about, those supporting individuals with EBD are often not equipped with the right knowledge, skills and tools to make positive change. Certain that the key to transforming the lives of individuals with EBD is to equip those supporting them with such knowledge, skills and tools, Dolly founded Behaviour Help (formerly known as Behaviour Zen).

Behaviour Help provides training and resources such as positive behaviour support books, coaching, online courses and face to face workshops for parents, childcare staff, teachers, youth and disability staff. These easy to use resources provide a step by step guide to positively and practically assess, prevent and manage challenging behaviours arising from emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Behaviour Help is also the home of the unique web-based app of the same name, with which parents, childcare staff, teachers and disability support staff can develop a comprehensive individual behaviour support plan for any number of individuals they support. The Behaviour Help web-based app provides a bank of practical ideas, strategies and suggestions for the assessment, escalation profiling, management and prevention of challenging behaviours matched to different conditions, so that everyone supporting the individual can work as a team to make positive change in the lives of those they support.


What Clients are Saying

A very informative workshop. It was able to confirm strategies that I have put in place and inspiring ideas that I can use in my classroom to give greater choices and more communication opportunities to my students.



Dolly’s workshop gave me a better understanding of how as Youth Support Workers we can better support a young person in being able to regulate their emotions. Dolly made sure that each subject we spoke about was relatable to all participants. Our Team benefited a lot from what she taught us and we have been able to implement some of her Tips and Tools into our youth service practice.

Jess King

Youth Support Worker

Dolly is exceptionally knowledgeable and has a relaxing aura about her which extends outwards to all her participants.


Youth Worker